Writing Services for Artists

Are you an artist who is confident in your visual language, but who struggles to explain your work in writing? Or perhaps the words flow freely for you, but your written work could use a little polish or tightening up.

From artist statements and biographies to editing and proofreading, I can help you craft a professional and accurate written representation of your work.

Unlike many critics and curators, I will not impose evaluations or interpretations on your work. Rather, I take an empathetic approach to writing about art. My goal is to prioritize your voice, allow it to elucidate your work, and support it with informed but sensitive observations.


Writing Services
Artist biographies
Artist statements
Portfolio summaries/introductions
Short profiles/bios for websites & online galleries
Letters of introduction
Editing and proofreading


Elaine’s questions were creative and intuitive, which translated our interview into a powerful artist statement. She seemed to dig right to the essence of the work. I was impressed by how easily she understood my work and wrote about it accurately, and not just that, but managed to produce a new perspective with the gathered information.
— Helena Janecic
Sitting Gender Bender  by Helena Janecic

Sitting Gender Bender by Helena Janecic

When Elaine contacted me about writing an article on my work for Ikon Arts Foundation, I invited her to my home and studio. The discussion was very relaxed, and I wasn’t sure how Elaine would be able to pull a story about my work from this informal conversation. When the article was published, I was more than pleasantly surprised. Considering that it was limited to a certain number of words, Elaine very skillfully summarized my work in a relatively short text. Along with a careful selection of images of my work, she put together an article that very meaningfully, professionally, and creatively encompasses my artistic production. Because of this, I use her article to present myself to both the professional and wider public.
— Tea Hatadi
Censorship of Happiness  by Tea Hatadi

Censorship of Happiness by Tea Hatadi