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Many people connect with art through writing first – whether it's an exhibition label, a blog post, or an article about a new art gallery or exhibition. I write for galleries, museums, and publications who need an experienced writer well-versed in the arts.  

I specialize in writing that strikes a balance between concise and descriptive, rigorous and accessible. By applying interpretive methods to my writing, I skillfully clarify and distill complex ideas surrounding art into easy-to-read and engaging material. My writing encourages readers to spend more time with art regardless of their prior experience with it.

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Writing Services
Artist interviews and profiles
Exhibition and event coverage
Exhibition labels and wall text
Gallery profiles
Blog posts
Proofreading and editing
Translation from Croatian to English

Writing Samples


Reading Elaine’s articles about my artist colleagues, my personal impression is that they are presented with dignity and in accordance with their work. Elaine approaches each article and artist individually and makes use of prior information to ask coherent and concrete questions. Her articles are not just superficial journalistic portraits, but a true picture of the quality of the Croatian art scene.

I have also worked with Elaine on several translation and proofreading projects for HDLU in Zagreb. In addition to requiring expertise, all of these jobs had to be completed in a very short amount of time. In this regard, Elaine demonstrated her responsibility and professionalism and everything was done well and on time.
— Tea Hatadi, artist and curator